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L2 BrasilFight - Interlude


High Five



XP: 10x
SP: 10x
Drop: 10x
Spoil: 10x
Adena: 15x
Raid Drop: 10x
Raid Jewels: 1x
Buff Time: N/A
Subclass Quest: No
Nobles Quest: Yes


L2 Aleph is the first letter of many Alphabets, used as name it means Leader.

Many will wonder “Why another Lineage II server ?”
This project is born to give a new life to a game that with the advent of the latest releases has lost his attraction.
When talking about Lineage II, in relation to the word fun we think that we should add terms like satisfaction and frustration. Based on the High Five Chronicle (the latest release of this game that we think is funny), and fixed as best as we can. On this server you will have the satisfaction to create and grow up a character and the frustration of make it slowly.
So here we have: fun, satisfaction and frustration; all the ingredients to have a great game experience, to be involved and find a reason to play to this game… again!
Delivering players the best gaming experience is our goal, our commitment, so we want to believe in this project with you, the gamers.
On this server you will need to work hard to reach your goals but this will give a sense to everything you’ll make.

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