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L2 Devil


L2 Devil
Url: http://


XP: N/Ax
SP: N/Ax
Drop: N/Ax
Spoil: N/Ax
Adena: N/Ax
Raid Drop: N/Ax
Raid Jewels: N/Ax
Buff Time: N/A
Subclass Quest: No
Nobles Quest: No


L2 Devil Open 19 November•

IS BACK L2 Devil style pride

→ Interlude
→ PVP Color System
→ Lv 90 Max
→ Enchant: Safe + 6 / Max + 25
→ Farm Zones: Cave / Cemetery
→ Pvp Zones: Hunters Village / Gludin
→ Auto TVT / CTF Events
→ Pride Like Style (Set's Dread / Dinasty / Unique Weapons / Legendary / etc)
→ Staff ever Active to help the doubts of players
→ Website soon
→ Page :

Call your friends pro return of the best pride style server

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