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L2 BrasilFight - Interlude





XP: 30x
SP: 30x
Drop: 1x
Spoil: 5x
Adena: 30x
Raid Drop: 1x
Raid Jewels: 1x
Buff Time: 2
Subclass Quest: Yes
Nobles Quest: Yes




XP : x30
Adena : x30
Spoil : x1
Drop : x1


Enchants : Safe 3 for weapons and 4 for armor.
Max : 16
Normal Scroll : 66%
Blessed Scroll : 66%
Augments : 60% with top lifestone.


D/C/B Gear upon class change for free.
Buffer in towns with 2 hours buff time and 28 max buffs.
Retail Quests.
L2OFF Geodata
Working Seven Sign for fast exp!
Working Raid Boss.


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